Senior Moving

Even if you are still fit, in old age every movement is a challenge. This is not only true for lifting and carrying heavy items such as wardrobes, sofas, or even the washing machine. The simple decision for senior moving is always stressful.

Once the decision to move is made, you need to use your energy to plan your new phase of life. And not waste it planning a nerve-wracking move. Furthermore, EkoMovers Houston takes care of the senior moving with care and sensitivity. We are a long-established moving company in Houston, with many years of experience. Not only do we take care of your move and relocation in a reliable and cost-effective manner. But our goal is also to make your senior moving as easy and stress-free as possible. This allows you to prepare for the next step in your life with confidence. And to envision your new home without distraction. We do the job, You just sit back and relax.

Move with the heart and the spirit

Comprehensive, worry-free service for the seniors.  Especially for pensioners. With empathy, professional advice, and comprehensive moving services. We accompany you on the way to your new home. A wide range of advice for seniors awaits you.

Competence and Responsibility

Competent advice before the move, professional handling, and serious handling of damage claims. Importantly, our movers are exclusively trained professionals. A successful move requires more than just packing. It’s the experience that makes the difference.

Always by your side

A personal advisor assists you before, during, and after the move. And advises you on all matters relating to your senior move. You can discuss all the details of the move with him on site. Are you still fit and comfortable? Or will your family and friends help you pack and unpack your belongings? Depending on your wishes, your moving consultant prepares a tailor-made offer for you. With all the services you need. This offer is binding. Do not expect any unpleasant surprises with us, such as subsequent complaints. With EkoMovers Houston, your senior moving is in good hands.

Moving for the elderly therefore requires not only a team of professional movers but also compassion and empathy. Our senior moving service employees are trained to stay calm in difficult situations. Apart from this, our movers remain friendly and professional even under exceptional circumstances.

A professional moving company is a right choice for moving into a new home. With as little stress and worry as possible. Best of all, EkoMovers Houston offers a moving service specially tailored to the needs of older people.

Our moving services for seniors
  • Assistance in the furnishing of the new residence.
  • Provide packaging materials.
  • Packing and unpacking of your goods.
  • Professional disassembly and assembly of your belongings.
  • Dedicated trucks.
  • Furniture and other item moving and storage.
  • Free consultation at your premises

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