Packing Boxes

When moving, it is essential to properly pack all your personal stuff with the appropriate packing material. In order to adequately protect them during transport and for the duration of the move. EkoMovers provide you with premium packing boxes services. If you are about to or planning to move. Your new motto should be: “A successful move starts with successful packing”.

EkoMovers Houston offers you the packing boxes service by certified packers. In order to properly pack your personal items in a professional manner. And to avoid all possibilities of breakage and damage. EkoMovers Houston supplies all kinds of packaging materials. Furthermore, our experienced movers have received extensive training on the various packing methods. Which enables us to provide you with the best possible services. Our advisors carefully assess your packaging material and labor needs. In order to provide you with an adequate estimate for this service.

At EkoMovers Houston we provide you with our boxes packing service to guarantee your satisfaction and professionalism. Following the imposed packaging standards, we use high quality, economical and strong materials. To protect and transport your goods. For example, we can use reusable boxes to move the personal items of our customers.

Indeed, each item must have special care and special packaging according to its size, weight or material. Furniture, mattresses, musical instruments, or even paintings will not be packaged in the same way. This is how we will use boxes designed to pack dishes, mirrors, chandeliers, clothes, or plants. Each item is individually wrapped using specific packaging materials. Such as corrugated cardboard, wrapping paper, blankets, etc. Our experts protect large furniture with padded covers. While items like sofas, armchairs, and mattresses are wrapped in protective covers.

EkoMovers Packing Boxes Services:

Our teams scrupulously respect the strict instructions for professional packaging such as:

  • Use sturdy cardboard boxes and seal them tightly.
  • Fill the boxes correctly, without bulging or deforming them.
  • Limit the weight of the boxes to facilitate their handling.
  • Use enough padding to cushion the impact.
  • Do not mix different items in the same package.

Moreover, it should also be noted that our packaging teams always pay particular attention to delicate and fragile items such as:

  • Crystal or porcelain items
  • Paintings and sculptures
  • Chandeliers, lamps, and lampshades
  • Musical instruments
  • Plants
  • Wine cellars

So if you are planning to move, do not hesitate to contact us. Our advisers will be happy to advise you. And guide you towards the best quality moving services.

You can request a free quote for the packing and unpacking service you need. The advisers will give you all the explanations. And advice necessary for a successful professional and efficient packing operation for your move with us.

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