Apartment Moving

The professionals at EkoMovers Houston have always offered our clients personalized service. To make their apartment moving easier and more practical. It is a great pride to know that much of our business is derived from returning clients. Who has had excellent experiences with EkoMovers Houston? Whether your moving needs are a few boxes or an entire four-bedroom home. Our moving team will handle your belongings with special care. Furthermore, we care as much about you being our client as we care about your possessions. So you can be sure that with years of experience packing, handling and transporting goods. Your belongings are in good hands. Indeed, the entire apartment moving process is our sole responsibility.

At EkoMovers Houston we offer apartment moving services. Especially, intended for those families who wish to take their personal belongings to their new destination. For this we use:

  • Blanket covers, corrugated cardboard, cardboard boxes, packing tape, and others.
  • Custom size boxes for artifacts and delicate objects.
  • Dollies with rubber wheels to move and take care of the floor.
  • Instruments relevant to move the heavy items for apartment moving.

EkoMovers Houston is specialized in apartment moving. The transfers of all the content of apartments, flats, chalets, etc. Nonetheless, our specialized personnel will carry out the disassembly and assembly of your furniture.

EkoMovers Houston is in charge of all the packaging, collection, transportation, and delivery processes. Thus providing an efficient comprehensive service.

Organize Your Apartment Move.

Make an inventory and note on each box the list of objects it contains. Along with small boxes for books to prevent them from getting too heavy. For your furniture to be dismantled, do not hesitate to identify the different parts of the furniture to facilitate reassembly. Depending on the formula you choose, we can support and advise you step by step.

Our Advice to Prepare Your Move.

If you are leaving a rental, then notify your landlord of your departure by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Contact EkoMovers Houston and request a free quote. Sort your belongings and throw away unnecessary things. Before moving into your new apartment, change your address for post and other utilities.

Contact EkoMovers Houston today for professional local moving services at 346-330-5320.