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Moving can be a hard and stressful experience, even when you decide to move professional movers because of complicated processes and procedures. This is why EkoMovers Houston, quoted by our customers to be the best Houston movers and packers, has simplified the process down to just 3 simple steps from first contacting us to completing your move!


Here is Ekomover’s simple yet intuitive 3-step moving process that will not only help take the stress and pressure of a move off your chest but also make moving an experience you’ll cherish!


  • Step 1:


You contact us or put in a request for a quote, and one of our moving expert executives gets in touch with you to guide you further. Our moving expert will then help you with taking inventory of all the items that will be moved, and ask you simple questions which help us assess your requirements and cater to them!


Not only that, but our moving experts can also help guide you through any of your concerns or inquiries regarding the move. We know exactly how stressful a move can be and our professional customer support and moving experts are at your disposal 24/7 to be a sympathetic ear and help clear out any concerns you may have or provide you with tips to make your move easier!


  • Step 2:


We use the inventory you provide us with and other relevant criteria that we determine from the simple questions we ask you to then estimate the size of the truck and the moving crew to be assigned to your move and accordingly provide you with a FREE no-obligation quote! And your move is booked as soon as you sign the contract!


We use 100% dedicated moving trucks and don’t club your load with anyone else to cut corners. This helps ensure your items remain safe at all times!


  • Step 3:


Our customer support executives will keep in touch up till the moving day to always keep you up to date.


On the day of the move, the professional moving crew assigned to you will arrive on time and get to work right away. Our crew carefully packs all your items safely ensuring that they won’t be damaged in any way during the move. Once everything is packed, all the boxes will be loaded into the truck and secured ensuring that nothing moves around. Our professional drivers will ensure that your items are delivered to you on time at your destination. At the destination, our crew will help you unload and get everything positioned exactly as you like it. If you’re showing up after we do or there are any changes to the plan, we offer storage services too. All you have to do is let us know!


And that’s all there is to our simple 3 Step move process! This simple process that helps keep you stress-free is why we claim to be the best Houston movers and packers, and we deliver!


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